Painting the Space – The Aluminium Period

Athens School of Fine Arts
2009 – 2010


aluminium painting-1
Triptych Painting
250 x 320 cm
Enamel paint and marker pen on aluminium


There was a natural progress in my paintings. Starting with the traditional medium of oil on canvas, the shapes themselves led me to the use of industrial materials such as metal, wood and plexiglas. I was led to the creation of constructional paintings where objects come out from the painting surface and the materials are expanded into space. In my works I flirt with sculpture and three dimensions however, I consider painting as being behind every visual expression. My influences essentially came from Constructivism, the art of De Stijl and the school of Bauhaus.

This series of constructional paintings emphasizes the elements of construction, materiality and geometrical design. In my paintings the shapes, architecturally structured, imply a specifically formed world. The industrial materials that dominate every piece of work, the architectural attitude, the clear, coloured, flat surfaces as well as the absence of perspective reflect our contemporary world. The expressive forms meet the geometrical line drawing as two opposite states. In my constructional paintings the forms are extended beyond the frame and the two dimensions and the objects are spread on the floor.

I observe the geometrical solid shapes and linear design of the architectural urban structure and on the other hand, I’m interested in the existence of the disordered human masses that circulate in the city. My research focuses on how these two states of order and disorder, determinism and chance, solid and fluid, rigid and kinetic, shaped and shapeless are mixed, intertwine together and result in a dynamic and fruitful relationship, which is the driving force for the life of this mechanism.


aluminium painting-2

100 x 70 cm
Enamel paint, marker pen, tape and steel on aluminium


aluminium painting-3
240 x 300 cm
Steel, aluminium, printed perspex, light, transparency film, photographs, cinefilm and metallic objects


aluminium painting-4


aluminium painting-5

The Fluidity Of People
Dimension variable
Metallic objects, printed perspex, cinefilm, steel, plant
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aluminium painting-6
1 x 11,25 meters
Mixed technique. Painting, transparency film, steel and metallic objects on aluminium


aluminium painting-7


aluminium painting-8


aluminium painting-9


aluminium painting-10
Bodies And Information In Urban Spaces
300 x 800 cm
Metallic objects, printed perspex, transparency film, steel and signs


aluminium painting-11