Out of Balance

Springs and Sources
Andros, Greece, 2013

video installation-1

Out Of Balance
Video Installation
Video-projection, concrete, wood, metal, tiles
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Out Of Balance is an installation consisting of a video-projection on building materials and scraps found and collected from the streets of the city I live in. Installation and video-projection create an architecturally constructed space. The work’s concept focuses on searching a relationship between that space and the fluid movement of the shapeless element of water. Does this coexist with its space, is it eliminated or it dominates?

I am interested in the flexibility of water and its ability of adaptation within the shape of the container/space that is contained in. The container works as a restrictive space. It narrows, limits, moderates, directs and obeys. In this case, the strictly shaped geometrical objects and building materials that consist the installation take the place of the container.

How does the modern metropolises’ development affect water as a public good and essential source of life? In this installation, images and scenes from the film of Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out Of Balance of Godfrey Reggio are projected. This film shows the magnificence of water as a natural element while the same time it focuses on the threat of the incontrollable development and prevalence of the modern western civilization to the natural environment.


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